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The following is a list of some of my favorite books for living off the grid, survival or homesteading. Scroll through them and find the one you want to start with.

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The survival medicine handbook
The expanded third edition of the 3 category Amazon bestseller (Survival Skills, Disaster Relief, Safety/First Aid) is geared to enable the non-medical professional to deal with all the likely issues they will encounter in catastrophic short or long-term scenarios.
The outdoor survival book
The Outdoor Survival Book: A Bushcraft 101 Field Guide and Handbook for Surviving in the Wilderness – is a survival guide to prepare yourself to be your very best, even if you experience the very worst, which is to be lost in the wilderness with no other resources to rely on except for what you may have in your pockets or backpack.
Bush craft boxed set
Bushcraft 101: The primer to wilderness survival based on the author’s 5Cs of Survivability (cutting tools, covering, combustion devices, containers, and cordages)

Advanced Bushcraft: Takes it to the next level with self-reliance skills that teach you how to survive with little to no equipment

The Bushcraft Guide to Trapping, Gathering, and Cooking in the Wild: Provides everything you need to know about packing, finding, and preparing food while trekking

Bushcraft First Aid: Written with Jason A. Hunt, PhD, it’s the go-to first aid resource for anyone headed into the woods
living off the grid
Living Off The Grid: What to Expect While Living the Life of Ultimate Freedom and Tranquility is a comprehensive shake-down of what this unique lifestyle looks like in practice. Told through Collins’ much-loved conversational tone, you’ll see complex subjects distilled into easy-to-apply lessons.
the beginners guide to living off the grid
If you are thinking about living off the grid and haven’t started looking, this is a great book to get you going in the right place. If you have been doing some research this is a lot of what you already know.
For anyone who has ever dreamed of leaving it all behind and heading for the hills, survival expert and three-time New York Times bestselling author, Tim MacWelch, makes that a reality with How to Survive Off the Grid.
Modern Potable Rainwater Harvesting shows how to design, build, and maintain a rainwater system that consistently and reliably provides potable water that is orders of magnitude cleaner than typical public municipal water. The book covers advanced oxidation processes, disinfection, biofilm control, filtration, plumbing, electronic controls, and water testing. Electronic schematics of essential control circuits are provided. Plumbing diagrams for both on-grid and off-grid systems are provided. Proper pump sizing for a given storage capacity is discussed. The book shows how to use a spreadsheet to properly size storage capacity based on actual rainfall data, collection area, and assumed daily usage rate.
In this book: Off-Grid Solar Power, you will discover:
Energy units you didn’t even know existed
Formulas you can’t live without when building a solar system
A comprehensive list of tools that you absolutely need
How to choose wire diameters the right way
Step by step guide on sizing your off-grid solar system without painful mistakes
Why not every wire is suited for solar energy installations
The best way to protect your installation from catching fire
Discover different batteries; maintenance, price, increase lifespan, configurations, …
Discover different solar panels; tilt, cleaning, optimizing solar input, …
What device is at the heart of any solar power system?
Inverters; different types, different sine waves, efficiency, power ratings, …
Discover the best way to monitor the state of charge of your batteries
The safest way to charge your solar battery from your car alternator.
step by step guide on how to build your system
This book will help you get fast and easy your efficient and cost-effective off-grid or mobile solar power system.
It will show you how to design and quickly install the solar power system you always dream of.
Imagine there is a solar power book written by real engineers for those who can’t get started.
A book without complicated math, fluff, and fillers.
Finally, an easy approach to mobile solar design and installation:-Add a solar system to your RV, Van, Trailer, Car or Boat-Step-by-step instructions that anyone can follow-Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced methods for calculating your solar system. You choose! -Tips and tricks that will save you time and money-You can read this book from start to finish, or use it as a reference-Large, easy to understand picturesAnd much more! I promise that this book will be worth your time, or you will get your money back.
Bushcraft and survival hunting tools will show you how to make many improvised hunting tools you could make in the woods including ROCK SLING, THROWING STAR, SPEAR, SLINGSHOT, PANA DART SHOOTER, HAWAIIAN SLING, BOLAS, ATLATL, BUNDLE BOW, 2 STICK BOW, SAPLING BOW, CROSSBOW, SLINGBOW AND ARROWS
This book covers everything a new shooter needs to safely and effectively hunt rabbits with a slingshot. The CQC method teaches shooters how to get close, quick, clean shots on game from within 15-20 yards. At this distance, most shooters can make clean game-taking shots with a few weeks’ practice (and at which most commercial slingshots can be tuned to deliver ample power to harvest game).
I wrote this book to pass along the knowledge that was taught to me in the hills of Kentucky over 30 years ago. Along the way though I developed my own style. I boiled down what I learned and created a simplified style that any beginner can follow. I’ve developed designs that can be used right in the comfort of your own kitchen or out back in the woods! 

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My wife and I have lived off-grid since 2013. We moved onto a raw piece of land and began building our off-grid homestead. Almost everything we did was a DIY project. The purpose of this blog is to share what we learned along the way.

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