% ways to have coffe off grid without an automatic coffee maker

Living Off Grid Without a Coffee Machine

There’s no doubt my wife and I, before we moved off grid, took for granted the automatic coffee pot. This marvel of human ingenuity

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before and after pics of cast iron restoration

How To Restore Cast Iron

In today’s post I’m going to show you how to bring a rusted old cast Iron skillet back to cooking condition. Some of the

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Pros and Cons of Living Off Grid

People often ask me what it’s like living off grid. My short answer for this question is; “Living off grid is a simple life,

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Off grid diy siding. low cost , high quality, long lasting

How to Mill Log Siding Without a Sawmill

Choosing an exterior siding for our cabin has been quite a challenge. The main reason for this is the high cost of quality siding.

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A little known trick for really cheap internet service.

Living off grid in the Ozarks there isn’t a cable internet service to get good high speed internet. Most people think the only option

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Why Moonshine Should Be On Every Prepper’s Short List

Introduction Moonshine is very versatile as a survival and shtf commodity, but where it will really shine in your prepretuare is as a barter

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