People often ask me what it’s like living off grid. My short answer for this question is;

“Living off grid is a simple life, but it’s not easy.”

This is just my way of pointing out, like most things, There are pros and cons to living off grid. Here is the bullet list.


  • A certainty of self sufficiency
  • A more earth friendly lifestyle
  • Independence from infrastructures outside your control
  • immersion in nature
  • Generally less expensive land
  • Healthier living
  • Lower stress
  • Satisfaction of being self reliant
  • Low monthly living cost


  • Less conveniences offered by modern society
  • Building energy, water, and waste systems can be expensive
  • Maintenance of these systems can be costly and tedious
  • Acclimation to conservation can be difficult for some people
  • There is always work to be done
  • Building your off grid homestead seems to never be finished

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The above bullet list is a sample of general Pros and Cons. Everyone who goes off grid does it in there own way and will therefore have their own specific Pros and Cons.

For example: someone who purchases their solar system and pays to have it installed will have a high cost which is a Con. Their system will be fully functional relatively quickly which is a Pro.

Someone who builds their energy system themselves from scratch or from salvaged materials will have a very low cost which is a Pro, but it will take a relatively long time for it to be fully functional which is a Con.

Your specific Pros and Cons will differ from the Pros and Cons of other people.


I have found understanding Mindset to be much more useful than understanding Pros and Cons. It’s very important to foster certain mindsets such as patience, planning, pragmatism, and stoicism. I wrote a more detailed article about these mindsets “The Most Important Mindsets For Living Off Grid” Click the graphic below to read it.

Essential mindsets for living off grid
Click the image to check out the post

Questions to ask yourself;

Do I enjoy learning new skills?

The more reliant you are on your own skills, the less you will have to spend money and resources having other people do things for you.

Am I comfortable doing hard work on a daily basis?

There are always things to do on an off grid homestead. Things always need fixing, building or maintaining.

Do I have the skills necessary for growing food or hunting food and preserving it for winter?

Food production and preservation is an important part of self sufficiency.

Am I able to push through discomfort?

There will always be uncomfortable situations in an off grid life.

Am I able to plan ahead?

It is very important to be able to plan ahead logistically when building an off grid homestead.

Can I practice patience when things aren’t happening as quickly as I like?

Things always take longer than you think they will.

Do I have or can I gain basic first-aid skills?

Most injuries on the homestead are minor in nature and can be taken care of with basic first-aid skills

Can I dedicate a large portion of my time to food, energy and shelter?

To become completely self sufficient will require large amounts of time devoted to food, energy and shelter.

Do I handle emergency situations with a cool head?

Living on the edge of society means in emergency situations when time is critical you have to be able to calmly asses the situation and make confident decisions.

The more questions you can answer yes to, The more suitable you are to an off grid lifestyle. There are many resources for learning the skills that are useful in an off grid lifestyle. If you would like to read my article about useful skills to practice now click image below

Important skills to practice on the road to an off grid life
click the image to view the post

If you would like to read the article “8 Things You Can Do To Prepare To Move Off Grid” Click the image below.


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