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How to make a simple but effective micarta press

a simple micarta press made from 5 pieces of scrap lumber


Making a micarta press is easy, nearly free and can be done in just an hour or two. It takes just 2 pieces of scrap lumber cut into 5 smaller pieces, some wood glue and some screws to make a press that can be used to make countless number of micarta blanks.

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The 5 pieces of wood needed to make a micarta press

What’s Needed


wood saw

Screw gun

tape measure

speed square(optional)

Marker or pencil


1 x 8 16″ long

2 x 4 8″ long

Wood glue

6 – 1 1/2″ screws

The Pieces

Step 1

Mark out pieces A thru D on a piece of 1 x 8 x 16″ as shown in the picture below.

Step 2

Cut out the pieces in the above picture.

Step 3

Cut a 2 x 4 8″ long. Now we have all the pieces. Label them A thru E as Pictured.

Pieces A thru D should be cut out of 1×8 material(3/4″ thick). E should be cut from 2×4 material(1 1/2″ thick).


The cradle

Place piece E on a flat surface and put C and D on edge at the sides of E. Lay a bead of wood glue on the top edges of C and D. The two side pieces C and D should be about 7/8″ higher than the 2 x 4(E).

Don’t allow much of a gap between the 3 pieces. This will form the channel known as the cradle.

Now place piece A on top of the side pieces to form a sort of table over the 2 x 4 and screw the top to the side pieces allowing the 2 x 4 to move freely.

Set the cradle to the side now and add glue to the top of the 2 x 4(E).

Place piece B on top of the 2 x 4. The pieces should be flush length wise and the sides of piece B should overlap both sides of the 2 x 4 approximately 7/8″.

Now you should have 2 separate pieces. The press should fit nicely into the cradle. There should also be a gap between the 2 x 4 of the press and the bottom board of the cradle.

the cradle on the left and the press on the right,
In this picture you can see the gap we’ve created. If all worked out yours should have a gap of about 3/8″. This gap will determine the final thickness of the micarta.

If you made it this far please leave a comment at the bottom of the page to let me know if you liked this article and how I can improve it.

If you would like to see the article describing the step by step process for making micarta with this type of press click the picture below.

Now that you have a micarta press LET’S MAKE SOME MICARTA!

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